It’s hot outside and the rain clouds are forming over the mountains. The weatherman claims that the monsoon arrived on Monday and I agree. It’s hot and humid. I can see the clouds growing from where I’m sitting at Market Street Coffee. The one on Tatum Blvd. and Shea Rd.

Something funny about being here is that every single person in the establishment is using a laptop with wireless internet. Even the barista. There’s only one on staff on weekday afternoons and he’s got three friends crowding around his computer. Every once in a while someone walks in and orders something and he jumps up to help.

Oh, and the good news is that an iced coffee here only costs $2.00. Yeah, I know. Good price, and that’s for a 22 oz. They’ve got the cold drinks posted special on a whiteboard. Almost like they had to make an emergency list of cold drinks for summertime. Anyways, this place is great. Back to work.

Arizona Coffee

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