I had a gander through the new Imbibe Magazine the other day and really like what I see. I don’t know how much of the magazine is going to be about coffee, however the inagural issue has a giant feature about coffee by Mark Prince.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. It’s a great magazine! Karen Foley is the publisher and comes from a long coffee history. Her last gig was at Fresh Cup, a coffee/tea industry magazine. She has a great interest in coffee/espresso and due to the little exposure specialty coffee receives in the mainstream press, she is committed to covering coffee in each and every issue.

    As an aside, you can find this magazine at Borders and Barnes & Noble. Plus some lesser known places I’m not aware of.

  2. tbill

    this is actually the 3rd issue. the 1st two are equally as good and coffee is a feature in each.