Arizona Coffee reader Mike wrote in this morning to let us know that Intatto Coffee has closed its doors. He writes: “Intatto Coffee is closed! I went be there yesterday and the windows were blocked out. The sign said you could still get there coffee on their website and thanked people for the patronage. I asked a neighboring business and they confirmed the closure. Bummer! They have great coffee and we will miss them.”

Indeed. Sorry to see them go. I drove up there this morning and took some photos.

Bummer. We wish the owners Douglas & Leslie, and the entire Terrill family the best. They wrote last week saying they were “moving back to Oregon” for family reasons. The shop is actually for sale, and you can see the listing on Craigslist.

Intatto Coffee
Phone: (480) 286-6892

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I seriously thought about buying this coffee shop last week…and then the market crashed.

  2. What a great coffee shop Intatto Coffee was! Both their food and their coffee was great. I’m glad I got a chance to go there a couple of times before it closed. It will be missed.

  3. Todd Welfelt

    I was able to visit Leslie and Doug on their last day. It was truly a sad time. Unfortunately the market in Phoenix is difficult and when you add the economic unstability, well, it is just that more difficult. I honestly wish Leslie and Doug the best in all their future opportunities. I will miss them terribly.

  4. What an amazing way to treat their customers. I wish them well. Great people.

  5. Pierce/Bear


    Intattoo was open for how long? Less than six months?

    Although I do not blame the owners having to leave for family reasons.

  6. Brandon

    What a GREAT LOSS to the coffee shop community and center there! Doug, Leslie & Family were truly passionate about everything they did. They always took the time to care and know their customers. “Let the Good Day Get You” Doug & Leslie! I will be ordering my coffee soon!

  7. That is really sad, at least for us. There are too few independent shops (near my commute route) around here. I wish them well.

  8. Pierce/Bear

    Just looked at the CraigsList ad: the price went from $150K to $75K………..

    I winced when I read that.

  9. RJD

    I just drove up there after lunch for a mocha.

    What a shock!

    I wish them well. Their customer service was fantastic.

    They will be missed.