This morning I saw this great little home-espresso machine on Kickstarter. For only $200 you can get a pretty decent machine. I’m wondering what you all think about it?

View the listing on Kickstarter.

DCILY has also done a short write-up about it, that is interesting. They also answered questions.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Daizee

    Hey Chris, this is an interresting article. If this machine does what the developers say it should do then it will make home brewing gourmet coffee so much more affordable. Watch out the competition…

  2. austinmiles

    I am super tempted to check this out. Maybe order one for the office.

  3. Perry

    This looks perfect!

  4. Jeff

    I ordered it! March can’t come soon enough.

  5. They’re releasing the source code too, it seems, so it will be the first hackable espresso machine I know of. 🙂