While in Tucson for the Arizona Barista Jam I took some time to talk with Bill from Espresso Wrench. My video interview ends rather abruptly because my camera ran out of space. It’s still a good interview, and Bill’s experience at espresso machine repair and maintenance shines through. Espresso Wrench would be a good asset to any shop. Bill has a good reputation among coffee shop owners and baristas.

Espresso Wrench
Phone: (520) 722-9100
E-Mail: info@espressowrench.com

Arizona Coffee

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  1. MikeFTrevino

    I’m typing this from work and the ‘puter here has no sound so I cannot comment on what was said. However, Bill’s presentation was great! He not only told us how to maintain our machines and other various safty aspects, He brought actual examples of messed up machines. I know many will now be extra vigilant in changing filters and recharging the water softener.

  2. I spent some time chatting with Bill. He’s a wrencher who knows his stuff. Most technicians don’t quite pay attention to the goings on of the purpose for the machine outside of the fact that it’s in working order.

    Bill does. A shame he’s not in TX, or I’d refer every shop I know to him.

  3. I have a tendancy to use any parts needs I have as an opportunity to visit the shop on the bike. He’s not foar from one of the better bike paths in Tucson, so it’s pretty convenient. The only issue I have with he and his son is that they are such nice people that I’m always late after visiting with them! They are very willing to discuss your issues with your machine, and have no problem suggesting methods of repair that don’t include throwing large wads of cash at them. They’ll take your money when they need to, but not until they’ve exhausted the easy (cheap) fix alternatives.

  4. ruth belsan

    looking for a shop to repair an expresso machine. Can you give me any sugguestions in the phoenix area.

    Thank you
    Ruth Belsan

  5. Coffeedoctors
    Give them a call call Ruth. Gary and boys are great!