Is anyone familiar with Into The Bean Coffee House? I ran across it, of all places, in the Arizona Coffee archives. They appear to be right across from Mesa Community College and have been open since 2004.

Into The Bean Coffee House
1710 W. Southern Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85202
Phone: (480) 890-0579
Located between Dobson & Longmore, across from MCC

Arizona Coffee

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  1. azbarista

    They run off a LaSanMarco and use Raven’s Brew coffee (from the last time I was in there last semester).

    Nice industrial atmosphere with free wireless internet access. The owner’s usually in the store chatting it up with all the customers and the baristas are very personable.

    The espresso drinks (lattes incl.) leave something to be desired and the drip coffee is decent when it’s fresh. Similar to Seattle Espresso, I think this shop’s shining star is their Toddy (iced coffee). However, unlike Seattle Espresso, they don’t charge more for the brewing time and it runs about the same as a cup of brewed coffee (again, this is all from last semester).

  2. Hungryclone

    I went to them all the time for the past few months since I got back into the valley. Last time I went (last week) they had closed for good.

  3. They closed? We tried to hang out there two fridays ago and it said they closed during the day but opened at night, though they didn’t appear to open at night either. Shame. I wanted to wear the ravens brew shirt that i just got.