You might have noticed that I added a tab for Jobs at the top of the navigation. It’s been sitting up there for about a month now without any content and I wasn’t even going to announce it until I could get a job board system installed.

Job opening at an espresso bar.

If anybody has any job openings feel free to contact me and I’ll post them here for free until I get something official in place.

Job Opening

A wholesale and retail specialty coffee roaster, located in Phoenix, AZ, is opening a new espresso bar. The location of this new venture will be in the heart of downtown Glendale, AZ with an opening date of October 15, 2006.

We are actively seeking a Barista/Manager/Partner position. Yes, this is quite a opportunity for anyone seeking a career in the coffee industry.

Brief rundown on the company philosophy/overview –

  • serving and preparing the best espresso and coffee with the emphasis on quality and presentation
  • elevating coffee to a culinary art, with the inclusion of coffee and food pairings
  • educating our local customer base and creating a sophisticated coffee palate
  • support of farmers and growers at origin (direct relationship)
  • community involvement at a local level

A few other notables;

  • we will be using a Synesso Cyncra espresso machine machine
  • a Clover coffee brewer (a first in AZ) will be the preferred brewed method of choice
  • Cup of Excellence coffees on tap
  • regular cupping lab and barista class offerings

Our focus is on the coffee, first and foremost! We have however teamed up with the best and greatest local culinary people and will be offering the finest handcrafted chocolates, baked goods and local, organic fresh fruit. This is geared to the finest espresso/coffee/combination/culinary experience of its kind in the Southwest, maybe beyond!

We are offering one Position as a Manager/Partner.

This position requires no investment other than the focus, determination, hard work, passion and drive to be the very best. If this sounds like your ideal career path, than please email your resume.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Arizona Coffee

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