Stopped in at Inza Coffee this morning, and took a quick video. They had quite a crowd this morning. Enjoy the video (the music is by Miles Davis, and is called Summertime).

Inza Coffee
8658 East Shea Blvd
Suite 1 & 2
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Michael

    Wow! Finally! I was waiting for a video of INZA Coffee on this web site! Thanks Chris! I would suggest you take more videos of some of the great cultural events they promote! Inza coffee, you guys rule!!! Thanks for bringing culture to our town! Wish you guys the best during 2007! And Chris, great job with this web site!

  2. It is about time that somebody from my Country, Colombia, had the great idea of having a place that promotes the best Colombia has to offer: Coffee. I have been in many coffees around the US since I distribute Colombian Coffee, but never have I seen such a warm and welcomming place like INZA COFEE. The owners, as well as it’s workers, offer an excellent customer service and always take the time to greet and chat with their customers. There is always something going on in this place, Tango lessons, social activities, you name it… Definately it is a place you can’t miss, it is a place where you come once and you will visit again.