Inza Coffee (formerly known as Common Ground Coffee House) has just launched a new web site. If you’re not familar with this coffee shop you should give it a try. It is located just off the 101 freeway on Shea Blvd.

They’ve been doing some interesting things lately from hosting the Refresh Phoenix meetings to holding dance and chess events on a weekly basis. All three of these events draw a serious crowd. At the last Refresh Phoenix meeting I saw about 50 people. Inza Coffee has free Wi-Fi (just ask for the WEP key to get on).

Arizona Coffee

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  1. a La Marzocco espresso machine…look’s promising!

  2. I know, isn’t it beautiful? And the red color and the flowers add to the picture. I need to take more pictures at coffee shops.

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  4. Hey… Brock from Phoenix Perl Mongers has been trying to drag me to one of these, Refresh Arizona, and it turns out this is right in my neighborhood. Useless “me too” comment… sorry, but maybe I’ll get to shake some hands.

  5. Hi Scott – you should come! It’s a good time and there are about 50 people that come so plenty of people to meet. Plus the coffee at Inza is really good. I had this latte last week there with Irish Cream and I think it was the best latte I’ve ever had.