Of all of the coffee houses in Arizona, the friendly folks at Inza Coffee have been doing the best job at PR. In the past month they have been featured in The Scottsdale Times, and now AZCentral.

If you want to sip a java jolt, try out some tasty South American cuisine, or even learn the tango, you’re in luck in north Scottsdale. Inza Coffee, an independent bistro and coffeehouse that’s been open about a year, is serving up coffee and tea along with some good ethnic chow and an eclectic series of cultural events.

The interior space is cheery and appealing, with bright red walls hung with interesting black and white artwork, tables spaced far enough apart for privacy and lots of windows. When we arrived for a midday visit, about a third of the tables were occupied, and a lone server was handling orders at the self-service counter.

Besides the cafe’s signature Colombian, there are brews from Peru, Argentina and Brazil available straight up or in lattes, cappuccinos, flavored mochas and iced toddies. There’s also a selection of organic whole leaf teas, ciders, chais and imported sodas, as well as “frios,” iced frappe beverages that are more like dessert than a drink.

Read the rest of the review at AZCentral.

Inza Coffee
8658 East Shea Blvd
Suite 1 & 2
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Also check out my awesome web 2.0 graphic with a reflection. LOL.

  2. I of course wish Linda and Wilson all the best for their business, but, as a practical matter, the increased popularity of Inza makes it a less optimal place for me to go hang out and hack.

    So I’m on the hunt for another nice, but still unknown, wi-fi coffee place in roughly the same area as Inza …

  3. Good Stufff! I occasionally have to travel to Costa Rica on business (Central America) and can tell you they have wonderful coffee as well. The fresh Costa Rician Coffee has become a favorite of many of my friends!

  4. Bridget and Pete Sorace

    We love Linda and the “GANG” that includes all her cast at Inza, We so really wish to let everyone know what an awesome place this is and how wonderful you will be treated when you go there… please people if you have never been to INZA go, it is easy to find and lots of fun….
    We love ya Linda and Wilson, Carlos, and Tutu…
    Bridget and Pete Sorace your favorite neighbors