I visited It’s A Grind in Gilbert (opened about two weeks ago). Quite a classy establishment and a cheerful crew.

It’s A Grind
891 E. Baseline Rd.
Ste 106
Gilbert, AZ 85233

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Stephen

    What’s the coffee like? That’s right down the street from me, I’ve seen the grand opening signs and stuff…
    …but since I saw them in one of my favorite TV series, I’ve been a bit leery.

  2. I haven’t been to this IAG, but I visited one in Santa Monica, CA. They had wireless internet, and some classy jazz tunes (amongst others). What caught my interest was how they labeled their coffee – by strength. The strongest was called “High Octane,” which struck fear into my delicate little heart…

  3. Rebekah

    I stopped in once and loved the coffee so I decided to go again. On my second trip to this place I received very poor customer service. I will not be returning there again, too bad for them I could have been a loyal customer.