It’s 111°F outside as I write this and boy is it hot. Are you hot?

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Ryan

    Perfect weather for a hot latte, if you ask me.

  2. hb

    What I started doing is leave about 2 hours before I have to be at my office and enjoy a cup of my favorite drink at Lux. Love the coffee not so much this weather.

  3. Pierce/Bear

    Fried at work today (NE Tempe) at an automotive repair shop……….

  4. Todd

    The evaporative coolers in our warehouse died two days ago which means they are now blowing HOT air from the roof into the warehouse. Which isn’t soo bad for the office staff that doesn’t work in the warehouse, but not so good for those of us who do…..

  5. James

    Well it is summer in Arizona. Of course it’s hot. Buy a cold drink at your favorite independent coffee place.

  6. Buy a cold drink AND a hot drink at your favorite indie. Research shows that you feel cooler after a hot drink than you do after a cold drink. You feel cooler WHILE having a cold drink, but that goes away with the drink. You feel warmer WHILE having a hot drink, but that rapidly disappears with your hot drink. Besides, with the snowbird habit of migrating or hibernating in the summer months, they need twice as much of your support this time of year (giant mid-west wusses, it ain’t even barely summer yet!).

  7. Well Pysd, I don’t buy that bit about a hot drink making you feel cooler. Last Summer I remember drinking Mysore Mystic over at Red Rock with the late AZBill, brewed in his Technivorm. It was middle of August, real crappy A/C, and it sure didn’t cool me down. Was sweating 50 cal bullets the rest of the day.

    On the other hand……I just noticed some fairly big clouds hangin over the Superstition Mtns. I wonder if that means anything….

  8. You are probably the one person on the planet that doesn’t work like all the others. Or maybe it would have been even worse, if you’da drank something cool… Who knows? All I know is that all the scientists and pee-sigh-chologists involved all agreed that you feel cooler after a warm drink. And, that it works for me.
    Those clouds mean that my minions are gathering to take over the wo… oh, THOSE clouds? Those mean that the phrase “But it’s a dry heat!” is suddenly going to be choking a few idiots, soon. ; >

  9. Ok so I have another element to this question. If a hot drink is warmer than your body temperature I think it would make you hot. But if the drink was body temperature, I don’t know the answer to that.

  10. Well, I don’t think the a 12, 24, or even 32 oz drink is going to physically warm or cool your body core from a pure thermal transfer standpoint. I just took a roasted jalepeno off my grill and put it in cool tap water for about 20 seconds, and it heated back up to being too hot to hold (roasting them sure turns up the spicey heat too, I had to visit the Honey Bair 2X after biting into it).

    I do agree a warm shower helps cool one down, but not hot drinks. Do you think it might be the caffeine that caused the 50 cals? Maybe I should try decaf espresso next time. ‘gotta get back to my cream cheese stuffed habeneros. Maybe those will chill me out…

  11. Cream cheese stuffed haberneros? Oh my gosh, that sounds delicious.

    Oh, and sugar in the mouth solves the heat issue from peppers.

  12. I’m finding that the outside heat isn’t too bad, provided there’s not too much contrast with inside heat. So keep your thermostats up.

    I recommend drinking cold or hot drinks, but for safety’s sake, drink at least as much water as you do other drinks. Especially coffee. Because if you can’t sweat, you can’t cool off in the heat.

  13. Austin

    I like to keep myself cool with iced coffee drinks, soda, and beer. Water is very low on my list.

  14. hot coffee in this weather makes me feel a little ill. what i like when it gets hot like this is Vietnamese coffee. they serve it to you hot with a glass of ice and it is just the best stuff ever. i wish there was a vietnamese restaurant close to my house, cuz it’s a little hard to drive to one right now (since my car’s air conditioning is not working).

    but i totally recommend vietnamese coffee, i go to Cyclo and Saigon Pho, both in the Chandler area.

  15. Austin

    I’ll have to try that out. There is a Vietnamese place that I go to on Rural and University pretty regularly. There aren’t ever any non-Vietnamese eating there so I assume its pretty legit.