Update: The schedule has been updated based on feedback from Brian Clemens and Luis Till. See below.

Luis Till from Amauta Coffee is organizing a coffee cupping in Tucson on Friday morning, and another one in the evening in Phoenix.

Then, on Saturday there will be a coffee crawl in the Phoenix area ending with a coffee cupping at the end of the day.

PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. from Kansas City is sending Kasey Klimes and Amauta Coffee wants to show him around town.

Friday, January 8

Avenue Coffee @ 10 am to 11 am (Coffee Cupping)
Press Coffee @ 7 pm to 8 pm (Coffee Cupping)

Saturday, January 9

Solo Cafe @ 9:00 am
Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe @ 9:45 am
Conspire @ 10:45 am
Lola Coffee on Roosevelt @ 11:15 am
Lux Coffee Bar @ 12:00 pm
And possibly other shops depending on time.

Lunch on your own (grab some friends and eat local) – Pane Bianco, Maizes, St. Francis (now serving lunch), Local Breeze, Seamus McCaffrey’s, Two Hippies, Cibo. All suggestions are off the light rail.

NAP & Rehydrate!

Liberty Market to see Faema E61 @ 4:00 pm
Bookman’s Mesa Cafe (Intelligentsia) @ 5:00 pm
Sola Coffee Bar @ 6:00 pm (Coffee Cupping)

Here are a few non coffee places we’ll try to get to

Cornish Pasty Co.
Gallo Blanco
Los Taquitos Grill
Chino Bandido

Additional Details

Everyone is free to attend all or some of the stops on this two-day crawl. I’ll be at many of the Saturday shops and also the cupping at Press Coffee on Friday, but not in Tucson (sorry!). Please pay for your own coffee drinks.

If you want to follow along, check Twitter (@arizonacoffee or @amautacoffee). We will post the exact agenda as we go, so if you plan to join us at any one destination that’s the best way to stay in touch.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Brian Clemens

    A better coffee crawl schedule is TBD and put out by Chris later this week. If you’re planning to go to Tucson on Friday we have 1 full car, but can always caravan down and add more people. Post it up here if you want to go cup coffee @avenuecoffee with @PTsKasey, @Amautacoffee. Also let me know via twitter or here if you need details of the trip. We hope to arrive in Tucson between 10am-10:30. @brian_clemens.

  2. Phoenix coffee MVP goes to Luis Till. This guys eats, sleeps and lives for the specialty coffee industry. Seriously man, hats off.

    The cupping on Friday will feature: Dethstaar Espresso, Cameroon Boyo-Organic, Kenya AA Mbegu Tamu, Guatemala Finca El Bosque and a really nice Tanzania Peaberry. I’ll also be doing some sampling of Dethstaar. Pumped for a great event! Good idea with the twitter ID Brian. @maegdlin22 and @presscoffee

  3. Brian Clemens

    Can’t agree more with Tom; hats off to Luis Till. Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. Hah! I’ll finally be able to get my hands on some o’ that Dethstaar!

    I think I may just wander out of bed and grab a cup and a robe and drive over to Avenue Friday morning.

    I’ll prolly see y’all there.

  5. During the event, I’ll be using the hashtag #coffeecrawl, feel free to play along.

  6. Kasey Klimes

    I’ve got to second Tom – Luis is the man. Phoenix may not have the country’s biggest coffee community, but it certainly has some of the most passionate people. You’re lucky to have a voice like his for specialty coffee down there.

    Also, seeing as my bags are checked and I’m waiting for my plane to Phoenix, I suppose now would be a good time to make public the grand list of PT’s Coffee I’ll be bringing for the cuppings. In my case we’ve got…

    ~Finca Los Planes, Pacamara, of El Salvador (2nd place 2006 CoE)
    ~Finca Cerro Paldo of Costa Rica (95 score, coffeereview.com)
    ~Ethiopia Amaro Gayo – Natural
    ~Aida’s Grand Reserve (Three-lot blend of peaberries from Aida Batlle of El Salvador)
    ~Finca Kilimanjaro, El Salvador (Another from Aida)
    ~Nicaragua Coop 15 de Septiembre – CoE #18
    ~La Bella Vita (Espresso Blend)
    ~Finca El Palacio, Colombia (Single Origin Espresso)

    …and maybe a few surprises too. I can’t wait to finally experience this Phoenix coffee scene I keep hearing about. Thank you to Luis, Chris, Brian, and all of you making this weekend happen, it looks to be grand. See you soon!

  7. Hey, I’m gonna try to make it, seeing as it’s in my home-town!

    I’ll stop by Luce and see if Michael wants to send a sample or two fro our visitors to enjoy. See y’all tomorrow!