Dylan Jung wrote in to let us know about a change in Sedona:

I wanted to let you know of a change in one of Sedona’s cafes. Java Love Cafe has replaced what used to be Sedona Coffee Roasters. It’s under new ownership but they are still roasting their own coffee and have expanded their food and drink menu. They will also have a Liquor License soon that will enable them to offer coffee drinks with alcohol, such as Baileys. There is also a healthy dose of live entertainment, Poetry Nights, Movie Nights and Music Showcases happening.

I am a Barista there so you can contact me with any questions, but I’d love it if you could could include us on your map or update that anywhere possible on your site.

Thanks Chris, I’m always keeping in touch with your site!

Dylan Jung

Java Love Cafe & Roasters
West Sedona – just West of the Harkins movie plaza
2155 W. Hwy 89A
Phone: (928) 204-1500

Arizona Coffee

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  1. K Jordan

    I was in Sedona on Wednesday the 10th and tried Java Love………….. Quite disappointed. Staff was not friendly, food………so so, coffee watered down…Sure won’t be going back there!!! 🙁

  2. S Landers

    Visited Java Love June 25th. What a dive, terrible service, terrible coffee. I guess the only really good coffee in Arizona is Starbucks.

  3. Psyd

    Uhm, Starbucks isn’t even close to making the top twenty coffee shops in Arizona. Just because you go to a local bowling alley for a burger, and it sucks, doesn’t make MacDonalds the best burger in the state.
    Of course, if you don’t leave Sedona…
    If you’re going to be somewhere in the state, the forums would be a good place to ask for the best place to get coffee. USUALLY there is someone form that general vicinity that can tell you, from personal experience, where to get good coffee.

  4. We moved to Sedona in March 2010. Java Love became an instant hit with us. Delicious coffee, super cool staff. I work at home..and visiting java Love 2 times daily is a fantastic break.. great coffee and smiling faces. LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

  5. G Love

    Best coffee in Sedona is at Circle K. Best place to sit w/ it is in front of The Ravenheart Cafe or Pink Jeep Plaza. I miss the Ravenheart in uptown 🙁 It was my favorite place to disappear to.