I had the tremendous opportunity to talk with Mark Walker today. He is the President and CEO of Scottsdale Java Co., or Java Co. for short. If you could describe Mark with only a single word, you might pick ambition or energy. He’s literally going head to head with Starbucks (but not planning to become a mega-chain). From his location, you could could throw a baseball and hit a Starbucks. That takes guts.

JavaCo.’s first Arizona location is at 15223 Northsight Blvd., across from Wal-Mart by the 101. I conducted an interview with Mark Walker, which is here.

Something extra surprising about JavaCo. is the number of locations they have in the works. Within the next two months JavaCo. will have a total of 4 locations in Arizona. They already have 7 locations nationwide.

Initially, it took much longer for their Northsight location to open than planned, and that’s primarily due to the number of stores they are opening at this time. One of the exciting things about JavaCo. is their realization that running a coffee shop is both a labor of love, and a business. They’re scouting high profile locations and making some amazing moves in Arizona, and worldwide.

Thanks Mark for the time today.

Scottsdale Java Co.
15223 Northsight Blvd.
Suite 115
Scottsdale, AZ

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Karen m.

    enjoyed your interview with mark. he sounds like a good guy…i’ll have to taste test his product. it would be nice to see him do well.

  2. Michelle

    I have been to java co. and it passed my taste and price test. Good Luck Mark!

  3. Wow – not bad for an impromptu, unscripted interview. Much props to Mark for being able to deliver on the spot!

  4. Nice interview, Chris! It’s inspiring to see how far you’ve brought arizona-coffee.com. I look forward to what you’ve got in store for us in 2007.

  5. Thanks everyone! Yes, I must agree. For an off-the-cuff, unscripted interview it was well delivered.

  6. Carrie

    Nice interview but what about the coffee? I heard him mention beer and wine but didn’t hear anything about their coffee……………….

  7. linda lapriore

    It was nice to meet you Sat. and thanks for coming by!
    As for the coffee – numerous times a day we are told our coffee is better than our closest competitor (Starbucks). It is all a matter of taste however, and you will have to try it for yourself.
    Linda (JavaCo.)

  8. Thomas Reynolds

    I am actually sitting with a mocha from JavaCo right now. The coffee is cheap and worth drinking. The atmosphere is decent (though empty) and I can’t want until I can get some wine.

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  10. Ed Thomas

    Mark Walker is not a reputable person. He has judgments against him for unpaid debts recorded in both California and Arizona. He has skipped town and not kept promises to pay his debts. I would be very careful of doing any business with him.

  11. Sara Wang

    Java Co was a business venture that did not go well. I know Mark very well and he made an effort to make the business grow and be prosporus. He lost several thousand dollars of his own money and savings. It is too bad that anyone would attempt to trample on the effort with negetive comments.

  12. Oh, come on! I “know” him, too! With all that business experience and his Stanford degree, he can’t make a little group of coffee shops work?

  13. Asad Khan

    I am not sure the truth to Ed Thomas’s claim but Mark’s reputation with me is any thing but honorable. He sold me a car in MN at beginning of Nov., I paid in full at the time but Mark asked for couple of days for title transfer. To this day vehicle title hasn’t been produced or transferred in my name and I am still chasing him around. Needless to day Mark hasn’t replied to any of my emails, letters or voice messages. So be very cautious while dealing with Mark A. Walker…

  14. Asad

    An update for my comments from Dec 21, my issues with Mark has been resolved. Mark did contacted me himself and was kind enough to brought papers to my work. Apparantely few personal issues delayed this transaction but I have to say he did come through as promissed.

  15. Suresh Mangee

    I want close ranks on the negative blogs that were posted. I am glad Asad cleared his issues / corrections and I will tell you that Mark does not know that I am writing this. I have known him for over 10 years, since befere he and I were in graduate school. He is one of the nicest and hardest working guys I know. Not everyone is perfect, but he is one guy who has a good heart and tries to do the right thing. He has worked for me for over 3 years and there has never been a time I would not have had him working in my organization. I myself invested money into Java co and lost a few thousand dollars. But like most investments, sometimes they work well and sometimes they do not. I will tell you that he has advised me on my portfolio ( the guy is a market guru), and I am richer today, based on his rec’s. So, any loss I had on java co, I made up for in spades. I think it pains him to see these things being said. If you were to ask him, he would say, “Well, here is the deal. If you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything.” He is the master of the taking of the high road. I expect he will be successful in whatever he does and trust me as I say, this includes his working with our clients. I am hopeful this puts an end to the negative blogs and life moves on. He tried to make a business work, he provided over 100 jobs and lost several hundred thousand dollars. I expect that one day he will rise up and again. I know I will be there to watch.

    Suresh Managee, CEO, DAS Equity Partners

  16. tika drought

    The company that my husband worked for offered Javaco to their customers. We instantly loved it and have been buying it for our own company. I no longer buy other brands for our personal taste. Good coffee.

  17. Mike Oveman

    I have met Mark and he is indeed an intelligent and charming person. But, I know of him more through one of his past relationships, someone of the highest quality of character. While no one questions Mark’s good intentions with regard to Javaco it is important to understand that intentions don’t count for much. Sadly I have to concur that Mark should not be trusted. He bilked a close friend of mine out of tens of thousands of dollars through what appears to be deceit, lies and immoral acts.

  18. Anonymous

    Mike, I also know someone who has had a past relationship with Mark and who is also of the highest quality of character. I would be interested to know if some of the same tactics were used on my friend. Can I get more information?