Jolta Java, a long-time coffee house / cafe in Scottsdale has closed. We were heading over there on Saturday morning for breakfast, when we noticed the doors were locked, and the landlord had attached a sign to the door. The owner, Jonathan, was inside clearing out the store. Most of the store was empty, except for some leftover menu boards, and equipment.


While Jolta Java has never been called “third wave,” it did have a tremendously loyal customer base in Scottsdale, and staff members were always nice and pleasant. We’d go every month or so, because it was close to our home, and they had lots of breakfast options, with decent coffee.


Jolta Java had an absolutely massive menu of options, something I was critical of, and expanded into hot dogs, which never really went anywhere. Call it a paradox of choice. I could never decide what to order.

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  1. Christine Erlandson

    Jonathon is not the owner…he sold it years ago.