I visited Jolta Java the other day and had a latte. I really like the atmosphere of Jolta Java, but found my latte leaving a lot to be desired. The foam just wasn’t right. Hope next time it’s better.

Here is a 20 second video clip I took:

Jolta Java
14418 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Suite 185
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
SW Corner of Scottsdale Rd. and Acoma
Phone: (602) MY JOLTA

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Chris, I visited Jolta Java Coffeehouse Cafe (Coffee) over a year ago, and got about the same drink you did.

    I hear the sandwiches are good.

  2. Mark

    I’ve gone on and off over the years, and that’s been my experience as well: not bad, but definitely not anything to write home about. And the name? Jolta Java? Jolta??? Ok, can we stop with the weak coffee puns and alliteration?

  3. Mark

    One more comment. Chris, kudos to you for publishing an honest micro-review. I’m sure there’s lots of pressure to say only positive things, that way everybody will like you and be happy with you. But this is the only way to call businesses to a higher standard: give us the honest truth.

    Good on ya!