I absolutely love bagels. I think they’re great to eat and make a much, much better bread for sandwiches. I received this email from Eric Goldman, the owner of Kokobelli Bagel Cafe in Mesa. I’ll have to try it sometime.


Not sure if you want to include this in your Coffee Shops listing as we are not technically a “coffee shop” but we have a full espresso bar and we serve Cave Creek Coffees. We are open from 6-2 during the week and 7-2 on weekend and oh yeah, free wi-fi!

Kokobelli Bagel Cafe
1155 S. Power Rd., Suite 105
Mesa, AZ 85206


Glad I found your site as it is even helping me as a business owner.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Karen m.

    i challenge you to a duel between mj’s bread or simply bread, both here in town…to your up and comer bagel.

  2. I accept that duel. Name the time and place 🙂