Considering I live in Arizona, I’m amazed I have never seen a latte art indian chief design before. Check out this YouTube clip showing some examples. Here is another clip with some additional details.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Psyd

    Dass raciss’, man!

    It’s also etched. Etchers are drawers that use coffee as paint, foam as canvas. Free-pour is art that uses both as a mixed media. I even discount the art I pour when I dip the tip of the pitcher a bit to get a stain of espresso during the pour.

  2. Apoorva

    Sir, i am eagerly trying to find a latte art institute in India since past 4 months. But i am disheartened to tell that I haven’t found one yet. I will be too glad to know if you have something for me as help.
    Apoorva Juneja