Here’s the poster for the latte art throwdown being held at Terra Java on September 14, 2012. The sprodown is at 5 pm, and the latte art competition begins at 7 pm.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Kudos to Perry and folks of Terra Java on the effort to put this event togueter. I hope it makes all the other coffee shop owners think of the importance of feeling proud of our trade and promoting coffee events in our community.

  2. brent

    Latte art: proving its irrelevance to coffee quality since 1983.

  3. steve

    Brent- Proving your irrelevance to coffee culture since you posted that.

  4. Gourmet coffee is expensive; it’s not always easy to find quality coffee at affordable prices

  5. Pierce/Bear

    Terra Java: did that used to be Mama Java? We drove by there and saw the name change.

  6. It was a bit more than latte arte this time. There were tree baristas from the leading coffee houses that compited with there choice of espresso folowed by education on the origen as well as serving us a shot (the three judges; Hannah Romberg from expresions, John Gozekian of coffee reserve and yours truly) the espresso was quite frankly extremelly well executed. and they made sure that the coffee was done there way, some people even brought there own grinder. The latte arte was a lot of fun and 16 baristas pulled drinks. The coffee culture is here in Arizona. If latte arte and coffee education is perceived as ireelevant is probably due to the massive amount of coffee that only sells outhere by propaganda and not flavor. In all reality I can say that the Barista/roaster team is the way to teach true coffee and not just fluff. Thank you all for keeping the passion for coffee, See you next time.