Over the weekend I received a bunch of emails from people enjoying coffee. One of them was from Sam DeVore who told me about a coffee shop in Tucson I didn’t know about. It’s called Le Buzz Caffe (cool name!).

Here’s what Sam writes:

One of my favorite coffee haunts in Tucson seems to be missing from your listing Le Buzz at the corner of Tanque Verde and Catalina Highway is really a great independent shop, coffee is all roasted in house (well it is roasted by the owner but no longer in the shop itself) the pastries are really great and it is a common meeting point for cyclists and climbers heading up Mt Lemmon. A fantastic shop http://www.lebuzzcaffe.com (site seems to be in development)

Thanks for the tip Sam!

Le Buzz Caffe
Tanque Verde & Catalina Highway
Tucson, Arizona 85749
Phone: (520) 749-3903

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  1. jinx

    ok people i don’t know what your smoking but the coffee at LeBuzz Sucks!! Amazing food, fantastic pastry… but the baristas aren’t trained nearly at all, and the coffee (no matter how freshly roasted) is still over roasted crap. (fyi they will serve store bought coffee as there decafe if they run out, as in from the safeway next door, and yes they use whatevers lying around for their spro.)