So La Grande Orange renamed the Spanish Latte and it is now the Havana Latte. The drink recipe remains unchanged (I asked).

I asked them about the menu board since it had recently changed (see photo) and asked who had done it. They said that one of their staff is naturally good at it, and doesn’t use any rulers or anything! Simply amazing. Menu boards like these are the sort of thing that I like. Lots of cool coffee shops use chalkboards.

coffee phoenix

coffee phoenix

coffee phoenix

coffee phoenix

coffee phoenix

Arizona Coffee

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  1. karen m.

    love that latte!

  2. They also have a new latte called the Honey Latte. I’ll try it one of these days.

  3. Rebecca

    …now if only they would serve espresso in reuseable cups instead of paper!

  4. karen m.

    ok chris, did you go out and buy a car to color coordinate with their cup so you could get that shot???

  5. The handwritten menu board is definitely cool! Does anyone know if the signs at The Home Depot are hand drawn with a Sharpie?

  6. I’m going to guess that the Home Depot signs are printed. To ensure consistency at all stores. They probably have a special printer just for making those signs.

    As to my car. Nope. Just my Grand Prix. I need to get a new car sometime. This one is getting old.

    I’m actually surprised that LGO doesn’t serve coffee in for-here cups. They do everything else to support the glossy-magazine lifestyle and porcelain cups would complete their effort.

  7. ..not to mention help the environment.. bold

  8. Why did you rename your Spanish Latte to some other name?