The E-61 Coffee Bar inside Liberty Market is just one of several intriguing pieces of an beautiful plan. You can get fresh baked pizza, a limited number of grocery items, sandwiches, breakfast, dinner, and more inside this store.

During my visit I slammed drinks like a drunk in a bar. It’s a good thing you can’t get drunk on espresso because in the course of an hour I had two cappuccinos, a double shot of espresso, a mocha, and a Cortadito.

Liberty Market
The original outdoor signage. I asked where the name came from and discovered that it has been called Liberty Market for a long time. Joe bought the store and name that were on the same place for decades.

Liberty Market
Liberty Market is across the street from Joe’s Real BBQ and right below this water tower.

Liberty Market
Owner/operator Joe Johnston (@realjoe on Twitter) with barista Teresa Fulk (@e61queen).

Liberty Market
Orange Mocha… they said they make all of the flavors themselves.

Liberty Market
My sandwich, The Rancher, was delicious.

Liberty Market
The famous Cortadito. Stir before drinking because their is sugar at the bottom. Delicious!

Liberty Market
My cappuccino.

Liberty Market
Three grinders. One has decaf.

Liberty Market
The E-61. If you want to see more photos of the E-61, I suggest starting here. This espresso machine is, if I remember correctly, almost 44 years old.

Liberty Market
Plenty of seating indoors and outdoors.

I really must give props to Liberty Market for the way they use Twitter. I understand that Joe does most of the “Tweeting” and they’ve really done tremendous with it. I notice them interacting with their customers on Twitter nearly every day.

If you’re a member of our Forum, you might be interested in seeing Todd Welfelt’s photos and comments on his recent visit. He has some great photos, here.

Liberty Market
230 N Gilbert Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85234
Phone: (480) 892-1900
Twitter: @libertymarket

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  1. Glad you made it down to Liberty Market! Doubly glad it sounds like you enjoyed it. Yell any time you head down there again and I’ll meet you for some tasty cortaditos!

  2. Tom Maegdlin

    This was a great experience. Really a gem for the PHX metro area. I will be recommending this to my out of town friends. Thanks for all the great drinks guys!

  3. Todd

    I also had a great time. I wish it had been a little less busy – I would have loved to get some shots of the building but it looks like Chris got things pretty well covered on that front. This place has earned a spot in my top three shops in Arizona! I look forward to my return.

  4. Brian


    Liberty would love to have you back any day. Perhaps we have a coffee meetup at Liberty someday when I’m not on the clock.

  5. Love the machine. Nice picture this time (I knew you’d get it right eventually 🙂

    I tried to stop by there this morning, but in the murky-mental-ether following the 4th of July weekend, I think I strayed way too far South. Will definitely try one of those cordatidos.

  6. Matthew Petro

    Glad you enjoyed Liberty Market…I know I do! The iced mochas and the cortaditos are some of the finest coffee drinks in the Valley, IMHO.

  7. Pierce/Bear

    I am especially glad that the new owners kept the vintage ‘Liberty Market’ signage. 🙂

  8. What a GREAT place ! Too bad it is so far from Cave Creek!

    I try to stop by anytime I am down that way…..two of my favorite vices… & bbq

    nice write up Chris…..keep up the good work!


  9. Ehm, izzat an actual Faema E-61 restoration, (named the E-61 for the same reason that Shure named their mics the SM-57 and SM58, its the year that the design came out…) or is that an E-61 Legend, the recent re-issue?
    In either case, it’s a cool machine, but in the former, it’s a piece of history.
    I would love to hear the story behind how it came to be in Arizona, if it is actually 48 years old…

  10. Brian

    It is an original Faema e-61….it is NOT the legend re-issue. Liberty chose this machine because its history fits in with all the other history/stories of the 80 year old market now turned restaurant. Liberty will be celebrating its birthday on July 22nd. I don’t know the story behind it coming to AZ, but Liberty Market knows and is into education on both their machine and coffee in general.

  11. Pierce/Bear

    I need to get myself down there———I only live about 6 miles away 🙂

  12. Todd

    Wow Pierce/Bear – only 6 miles away and haven’t been there yet! Man – you are missing a great slice at what Phoenix coffee is all about!

    July 22nd at Liberty… sounds like time for a possible get together to celebrate Liberty’s b’day! Anyone else interested?

  13. Tom Maegdlin

    I’m down.

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