Light Rail is here and Jim Jeffers made a sweet map showing all of the stops along the way.

So the question is which coffee shops are on the route? Lux Coffee is directly on the route (north of Indian School Rd. on Central) and Royal Coffee Bar is at 3rd Ave. and Jackson (within walking distance). Romancing The Bean is close to Mill Ave.

Updated based on comments: Here’s a list of stops and coffee houses…

Tempe: Mill Ave. / Tempe Town Lake
Cupz Coffee
Seattle’s Best
Romancing The Bean
Cartel Coffee Lab
Coffee Plantation

Phoenix: 3rd St.
Royal Coffee Bar

Phoenix: Roosevelt St. / Central Ave.
Fair Trade Cafe

Phoenix: Central Ave. / Campbell
Lux Coffee Bar

Phoenix: Central Ave. / Indian School Rd.
Copper Star Coffee (1/2 mile walk)

Phoenix: America West Arena or Arts District
Daily Grind

Not categorized yet, but nearby:
Drip Coffee Lounge
Hob Nobs
Cafe Istanbul

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Ryan

    Fair Trade Cafe on Central/Roosevelt should be close to the Light Rail Route

  2. Pierce/Bear

    I caught the very first westbound train yesterday in Tempe. 🙂

  3. Fair Trade and Lux are located directly next to stations. Daily Grind, Royal Coffee Bar, and Hob Nobs are just a few blocks away from stations. Cartel, Drip, and Copper Star are little farther (approx. 1/2 mile) from stations but still walkable in mild weather.

  4. Cafe Istambul just purchased a three group copper domed Electra (0ne of those very old style machines) and they are serving espresso drinks right on the Lemon and Apache stop, Also Mills end is located at the main stop on mill avenue.

  5. Wow, thanks to everybody for remembering all of the shops I missed. To be completely accurate, you could argue that Coffee Plantation is also down the street from Mills End.

  6. Chris you could add eJoy and Cupz, and Seattles Best to the Tempe walk. eJoy is probably the most decent out of the group. Cartel excluded naturally.

  7. You know, I always used to go to eJoy back when I worked on Mill Ave (back in the day). I wish Cartel was there five years ago!

  8. If chains are fair game, it occurs to me that Dutch Brothers has a location near the University / Rural station and another coming soon near the Central / Camelback station. I won’t even attempt to count the number of Starbucks near light rail stations.

  9. David, I consider Dutch Bros. fair game. It all changes once they have a ton of locations. It’s not worth indexing Coffee Bean and Tea locations for example.

  10. Great post. I was looking at this while on the light rail planning my day. Thanks.