Lo-Fi Coffee in Mesa

There is a relatively new coffee shop in Mesa called Lo-Fi Coffee I just learned about (grand opening was July 1st).

For years now, Mesa has been a veritable desert of coffee. If you were to look at a map of coffee shops, for some reason Mesa was empty. Not now.

Photo: From Lo-Fi Coffee’s Facebook.

Photo: From Lo-Fi Coffee’s Facebook

Sam Clark, the owner of Lo-Fi Coffee emailed me and shared:

The coffee shop recently opened in the front of The Nile Theater. We have been open about two weeks, and my website is above. I use Xanadu Coffee and Maya Tea, and our ours are 11am to 9pm weekly and then closed on Sunday, we open specifically for Nile shows and we will also be a Singer Songwriter music venue, we are quickly adding music to our schedule.

Sam also mentioned they are hiring baristas.

Our goal is to provide a great atmosphere for up and coming indy and singer/songwriter bands both national and local. We will work to encompass spoken word, poetry and even public speaking circuits!

Lo-Fi Coffee
105 W. Main
Mesa, AZ 85210
Twitter: @loficoffee

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