Have you been to Lo Fi Coffee – Mud Dauber? It’s a coffee shop that opened in 2012 on 16th street in Phoenix. The first thing I asked when I heard about it was: why that name? The answer is that they’re sharing space with The Hive, an art-store and community art project. So, the whole place has a bee theme, and that’s cool.

Mud Dauber is small, efficient, and coffee is the central theme.


The view.


Recently stopped in and had this iced toddy + some Guatemalan coffee to-go for the office.

Mud Dauber Coffee is housed in a tiny side room (perhaps 10″ x 15″) in the complex, and has a simple interior with bar seating. It really feels like an authentic coffee bar in that you can sit down, have a conversation with the barista, and chat about the current events.


Here’s a cold brew coffee from last summer I drank.

There’s other seating in the middle sanctuary, if you want (it is outdoors). They have this massive collection of chairs — all different. Pretty cool.


The cappuccino.

Mud Dauber Coffee is a joint venture between Sam Clark and Randy from Xanadu Coffee (the roaster), Sam is the same person who owns and operates Lo Fi Coffee in Mesa (they also use Xanadu Coffee there). Up until recently this location was separate from Lo Fi, but they’ve since merged everything under the Lo Fi name.


Probably my favorite recent photo… that graffiti on the outdoor just contrasts perfectly with a coffee cup.

I’ve been to Mud Dauber Coffee about 5-6 times over the last few months, but just hadn’t found a chance to write about it. Each time I’ve been in I’ve been served by either Sam or Randy. They’re operating a really cool shop and serving fantastic drinks. Each time I’ve had either a cappuccino, or an iced toddy. They’re serving top-quality drinks and you won’t be disappointed.

So, go and check it out!

Lo Fi Coffee Mud Dauber
2222 N 16th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006

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  1. Jeff

    Big supporter of Li-Fi, Myd Dauber, Xanadu. Sam and Randy are top notch coffee folks. Randy let me hang out with him at his roasting space, and Sam has provided me with lots of coffee insight over the last couple of years. They deserve a lot more press thean they get! Great write up.

  2. Thanks, Jeff!

    I really like Mud Dauber. I’ve had more opportunity to stop there than I have at Lo Fi (due to distance). For some reason, more than half the time I stop at Mud Dauber it’s early in the morning on the way back from the airport.

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