Daniel Suh of Petite Pour is coordinating a latte art throwdown and just sent me details about the event. Here are the specifics:

Lola Coffee will be hosting a latte throwdown on Saturday, December 11th at 6 pm. The competition will consist of two rounds with the best scores moving on to the next round. During the break in rounds, we will be featuring a coffee education presentation covering 5 popular manual brewing methods. Throughout the night, samples will be brewed by volunteer baristas using the manual brewing methods for everyone to sample. The coffee education presentation and coffee sample tastings will be free to the public and the latte competition will be free to watch. The competition fee for baristas is $3 for early registration and $5 at the door. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 competitors. Anyone interested in registering to compete along with any questions should send an e-mail to info@petitepour.com. Special thanks to our sponsors and host: Lola Coffee, Echo Coffee, Cortez Coffee, Cartel Coffee Lab, and Petite Pour.

Links: Lola Coffee, Echo Coffee, Cortez Coffee, Cartel Coffee Lab, Petite Pour.

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  1. Sounds like a great event!! Press will bring some folks!

  2. Gianni

    see ya there steve

  3. Jason Calhoon

    Won’t be able to make it will be in Flagstaff getting Bookmans Cafe reading to open.

  4. Psyd

    So, any news on the results? Pics? I heard that there were a few competitors form Tucson up there, too.
    Who went? What happened?