Daniel Wayne, the previous owner of Lux Coffee Bar is cooking up a storm at his new restaurant Lola Tapas. And starting next week, he will be turning the restaurant into a coffee bar in the mornings.

Tentatively starting Monday, December 17, Lola Tapas will be open as Lola Coffeebar from 7 a.m. to noon, Monday through Saturday.

Source: Phoenix New Times Chow Bella

Lola Coffeebar
800 E. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phone: (602) 265-4519

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  1. hb

    Not a big fan of the restaurant, but I’m guessing he is aware of the amount of traffic Lux gets. Hopefully they have good coffee and atmosphere. Looking forward to visit Lola Coffeebar.

  2. Will

    Just visited- the atmosphere is eclectic, with drum-heavy music in another language, large wooden furniture, and old trinkets in the corners. The service table reminds me of France, having both a real bowl of sugar and a caraffe of lemony iced water. There was the obligatory art student and writer with laptops in their respective corners, the exotic couple, and the businessmen. Although it looked full for 10am, it would have felt dead except for the excellent music.

    The baristas were joyful and friendly, recommending their house espresso and french tart. I had a latte, which was a well-prepared double shot. It was bitter for my taste, but I think it’s a dark roast. The tart was blueberry, and I enjoyed it much more than the typically sugary pastries available at Starbucks. The water with lemon was a welcome addition.

    I’ll be remembering this next time a friend wants something fun and interesting. Hopefully this place is just as quirky at night.

  3. dl

    It is great to have that great tasting coffee back. I have missed them. The tarts as well, and for the dinner – one of the best places in town eat and hang out!

  4. MikeBear79

    Just as before elsewhere in Phoenix, and Seattle before that, the Waynes are back; making what could possibly be the best coffee drinks these taste-buds have ever experienced. The atmosphere is equally decadent, with touches of Spain throughout. I can’t wait for the side patio to open in the near future, expanding on what already is a 5-star coffeebar experience.