I met with a friend at Lola the other day and asked him his impressions because he’s a regular at Lux. His comments were that Lux plays music really loud, and it’s difficult to find a seat. There were a lot of people at Lola on Friday but plenty of available seats.

Lola Coffee Phoenix
I’ll be sure to get another espresso next time to see if it’s just an inconsistency thing. Also, I’m pretty sure this was a single shot and not a double like I requested.

Lola Coffee Phoenix
My friends’ Americano.

Lola Coffee Phoenix
My mocha.

Lola Coffee Phoenix
Cupcakes at Lola.

Lola Coffee Phoenix

Lola Coffee Phoenix
The outdoor patio at Lola.

Lola Coffee
4700 North Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: (602) 265-5652

Arizona Coffee

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  1. That espresso looks a bit sad. Unless you waited twenty minutes to take that photo, someone needs some schoolin’.
    I’m kinda scared ’cause the cream looks just somewhat less than non-existant, kinda pale and wan, and there seem to be chunks of it (chunks?) trying to climb up the sides of the cup. Perhaps that is why it’s served in a, what, eight ounce mug?
    No crema on the Americano at all…
    The sweets, mocha and pastries, all look pretty good, though!

  2. Took the espresso shot right away.

    Today I was there again and witnessed the barista pulling shots that came out in like 5 seconds.

  3. Todd

    Hmmm…. that’s not a good sign. Either they don’t know what they are doing or they don’t care. Either option is not good. The food, on the other hand, looked fantastic! It just goes to confirm a theory I have – either a coffee shop serves great coffee or great food. Rarely both. (although there are some exceptions here in the valley that are great on both sides)

  4. Chris Tingom says:
    Took the espresso shot right away.

    Yep, figured you had. Figured you weren’t gonna take any more guff then what we gave you last time! ; >

    It sounds like the only way to get coffee there is to get it hidden under a buncha ice, sugar, milk, and syrup.
    Might as well be at Starbucks.

  5. SK

    New store, new arena, hopefully they will get it right soon! I love this store and its ambiance, I’m open for free training if they need it!!! I wish them the best…….

  6. Gincor4

    This is all very surprising, considering the owner is the same guy who started Lux and was pouring latte art long before anyone even knew what it was here in Phoenix. He was roasting his own espresso, which from what I remember was pretty amazing, years ago as well.

  7. Ryly

    7-31-09: the conversation was great… between songs. Cute but feels like the long lost cousin of Lux. The chain coffee feel is lurking in the shadows.