This week, I have been drinking coffee from Loving Labor Coffee Co., a coffee roaster based in the Tucson area. They are fairly new, and sent me a bag of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to try. This coffee is really good, and smooth, with all of the rich strong flavors I’ve come to love in a good Yirgacheffe. Easily one of my favorites. It’s a great coffee for cold mornings, and even the warm mornings we’re having this fall.

John Roll Jr., the owner and co-founder wrote to me and said that they “only roast to-order and serve exclusively whole-bean; we have absolutely no coffees sitting on shelves waiting to go stale, guaranteeing the freshest coffee available.”

Loving Labor Coffee Co.

Of interest, they let customers pick the roast when ordering, meaning you can choose a light roast, all the way up to a Spanish roast, or the default “roasters choice.” I got the Yirgacheffe as a Full City roast. If you like your coffee a specific way, feel free to ask them for a recommendation.

Loving Labor Coffee Co. is based in Tucson, but are currently only doing online orders. They offer free shipping to all Arizona and free local delivery, and also offer competitive wholesale prices.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

You can find them on Instagram at @lovinglaborcoffeeco or see their web site at

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