You must admit, Lux Central is more than just a coffee shop. Just look at that huge selection of pastries and breakfast items! I visited Lux last Saturday, and it was packed! The line was halfway to the door, and stayed that way for an hour.

Lux Central is still a coffee shop at its heart, but they serve just about everything else: You can order from their lunch and dinner menu, which they post on Facebook daily. Every day it’s a new menu. They also serve beer and wine.

Lux Central

Pulling shots. Owner Jeff Fischer behind the bar. Jeff purchased Lux from Daniel Wayne (owner of Lola) in October 2005 (we covered that story, briefly).

Lux Central

As you leave, the gang from Peanuts hangs on the wall.

Lux Central

Lux is a crowded place. But you can almost always find an empty chair.

Lux Central

Iced toddy + small mocha. Both were delicious.

Lux Central

Espresso machine.

Lux Central


Lux Central

Look at all of those breakfast options.

Lux Central

Even more breakfast options! If you want to see more, check out these photos from September, 2011.

Lux Central
4402 N. Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: (602) 696-9976

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  1. The furniture there is awfully cool, too. We actually were in there recently on a Sunday and couldn’t find anywhere to sit but that was the first time that happened.

  2. austinmiles

    I want to like Lux so badly but I was shocked that they managed to make the order process more of a cluster than it was at the previous location. It is the most unintuitive place to go. Once you order you still don’t have a place to stand and there is no natural flow for the shop. I am seriously shocked that they would make the same mistakes twice.

  3. Yeah, with a shop this large, they really need to have table numbers, or something.

  4. Lux is pretty much my favorite place on the planet.

  5. Gracie

    I have visited Lux about 4 times and I love the coffee. All the times I have been there it seemed like the customer service was not as I would have expected. They would ask for my order then as I would start to order they would look away and start talking to someone else. Also as I attempted to pay after I was given the total she was distracted and had to wait then too. All that to say I wish it was a bit different. They didn’t seem to care too much about customer service.

  6. Richard

    I love this place and frequent it often. But, I have to agree with austinmiles 100 percent.

    The goods, however, are amazing! 🙂

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