Lux Coffee Bar on Central is under new ownership as of October 2005. I’ve heard from several people including Juli who kindly left a comment in this post that the new owners (Jeff and Tara Fischer) have made many changes for the better. That’s really great news and I’m anxious to get back over there and see for myself.

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  1. The new Lux is a lot like the old Lux, except for a couple key things :
    (1) the music is a lot louder and a lot darker. (My biggest gripe.)
    (2) the internet is always working (which I love)

  2. Westbrook

    I love this coffee house. Whenever I have a cup of coffee at Lux I feel relaxed and I always have a great day. The professional atmosphere and high-quality service is the perfect way to start my day.

  3. pcdude

    This is a terrific place. I went there for the first time, to do come webpage work with a friend. The WiFi (free) connection was trouble-free, and the coffee was great. It seems to be a popular “artsy” kind of place, and is well worth going to. I will be a repeat customer!