Manuel Santana-Bendix is quite possibly the only person who grows, processes, imports, and roasts coffee and lives in Arizona. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks to Dana Desonie for emailing to let me know about Café de Doña Ella. From the web site:

Café de Doña Ella is an effort to bring you the best quality coffee, from the Highlands of El Salvador. It is farmed and processed by Manuel Alberto Santana-Bendix, a resident of Flagstaff who also owns his family’s small coffee farm in El Salvador (Finca Grano de Oro). On the farm he grows the Borbón (Bourbon) variety of Coffea arabica, arguably the best variety of coffee trees.

In 2004, his coffee was one of the winners in a Cup of Excellence. You can purchase his coffee in Flagstaff. To learn more, visit his web site at

Arizona Coffee

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