I’m extremely excited to introduce two new maps of Arizona which will help you find coffee shops and coffee roasters near you.

Above: Map & list of coffee shops in AZ.

Above: Map & list of coffee roasters in AZ.

These maps are a long-time in the making, but all managed to come together in a couple of days over the weekend. Below each map is a list of the coffee shops or roasters that are on the map.

If you click on a specific pin on the map, you can view the address and get directions. Or, click the ‘more details’ link to go to that coffee shop or roasters web site.

Each list has also been updated and revised to remove old shops that may have closed, and add new shops that have recently opened.

So, how many coffee shops are there in Arizona? There are 136 independent coffee shop pins on the map. I have 40 pinpoints on the map for coffee roasters. That means for every coffee roaster in Arizona, there are 3.4 independent coffee shops.

Interestingly, this is exactly the number of coffee shops that were in Arizona at the end of 2009. There are 3 more coffee roasters than in 2009. I was counting chains a bit differently then, however, and at the time lumped coffee shops with 2 or more locations together with Starbucks and Dutch Bros. Speaking of Dutch Bros., do you think I should add their locations to this map?

Click here to view the Arizona Coffee homepage.

If you spot any coffee shops that need to be added, please email me and I’ll look into adding them.

The map will be maintained on a constant basis, and while it works on mobile I’ll be making it a bit larger for mobile use very soon.

Thanks everybody for supporting Arizona Coffee! Special thanks go to the newest sponsors of Arizona Coffee (and returning sponsors) who are The Roastery of Cave Creek (ROC2), Press Coffee Roasters, and Coffee Trafficker Advisors.

I have more new features in the works, including an expansion of this map system with coffee shop profiles coming in 2015.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Jon

    We would love to be on the new map of shops if you would have us?
    6033 e. Cave creek rd.
    cave creek az

  2. Here’s the list of Dutch Bros. locations. They have 13 locations in the valley now, but they’re not on my map. Taking an informal poll as to whether I should list them on the map.

    3213 S. Mill Ave
    6461 S. Rural Rd (Guad)
    1326 S. Alma School Rd.
    1136 S Greenfield Rd.
    459 N Gilbert Rd (Heritage)
    722 N McQueen Rd.
    4 W Camelback
    1422 N Scottsdale Rd.
    1037 S Rural Rd.
    1960 E McKellips
    2961 E Bell Rd
    12629 N Paradise Village Pkwy
    1201 E Glendale Ave

  3. Jeff

    It’s missing Red Hut @ 7th St and Roosevelt. Otherwise, super-duper handy!