An article about how friendly Tucson can be for entrepreneurs peaked my interest when I saw that one of the profiles was on a new coffee shop. The new coffee shop is called Cutters Point and it is a franchise.

The article says it is in Tucson, but it’s really in Marana, AZ.

Like Charles, Sarah Kirk is taking a chance on a new career. A former teacher, Sarah and friend Heather Blacksmith just opened Cutters Point Coffee.

“We are both such people oriented people, we thought coffee would be great,” says Sarah.

Originally from Seattle, heather relied on her Coffee-expertise. Landing a location was the hardest part.

“We went from place to place and each time really got beat out of locations by Starbucks or other great businesses in the area,” says Heather.

“Especially two women walking into a place and asking for a location. I think we looked like soccer moms and people might not have taken us so seriously,” explains Sarah.

The two women have kept their business plan simple: serving coffee with a smile.

“We have people that come in that we look forward to seeing, hearing about their ongoing story. Whether they’re having babies, getting married. All those kinds of things we get to celebrate that with them,” adds Sarah.

Cutters Point
6435 North Thornydale Road
Marana, AZ 85741 (Map)

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  1. Luz

    Cutters Point is my all-time favorite espresso! It’s of the grade that makes sipping from a demitasse a euphoric experience.

  2. I am 1 of 3 owners of the Puyallup store…we will be in your area sometime the week of 10-29 thru 11-3 & plan to stop in to say hello…!!

  3. G in Az

    If you like burnt coffee this is the place to go.