Has anybody tried to visit a Market Street Coffee Co. recently? I decided to do some sluthing over the weekend and discovered all of the telephone numbers for all four locations are disconnected. I must say I’m dissapointed as these were always some of my favorites. I hope they haven’t closed for good. I haven’t confirmed the exact details, yet I wonder what happened.

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  1. Here is what I know about this. (It comes from my man on the ground, a former Mgr at Market Street)

    Run by a couple of guys who had no clue about the coffee biz, they closed without warning. Without a clear concept the owners where constantly trying to re-invent the company. One owner was pushing to feature food while the other wanted it to be more of a nightclub atmosphere. Either way and the whole time, their core product, COFFEE was suffering horribly. They were using coffee from a roaster in Seattle, not because of the quality, but because they gave them the best price on equipment.

    I’m actually surprised they lasted as long as they did and have no idea if they were able to sell the company. There is not much value in a failed venture but with “smoke and mirrors” you can sell just about anything these days.

    I think it was PT Barnum who said, “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

  2. Man, that’s too bad. Well, the interesting thing is it leaves some highly desirable locations empty. The one in North Scottsdale was perfect from what I could tell.