Join us Saturday morning for coffee, chess, and conversation (or if you don’t want to play chess, just come for the conversation). We’ll be meeting at Cartel Coffee Lab at 9 am.

When: Saturday, January 3rd at 9 am

Where: Cartel Coffee Lab
225 W University Dr
Ste 101
Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: (480) 225-3899

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Too bad we couldn’t talk Psyd into showing up with his salt and pepper shaker chess set. Should be a good time.

  2. I’ll be up in Peoria the next day, roughly where the 101 meets 60, but I’ve got a social engagement on Saturday, so I’m out. So, where am I going to get near-Cartel quality espresso up in that corner of the world?
    That table is a custom made slab of Corian on a standard cafe four-top base, so there’s a bit of weight there. If there is a table that has squares that are two inches or better, I could just pack up the pieces. Anything smaller than that gets too clumsy.

  3. So, I’ll be leaving here shortly after eight, so right around ten, ten-thirty. No time for chess or anything, just a quick dash in to grab a cuppa and off to the fighting. I’d still like to kow of a decent espresso in the neighborhood of loop 101 and the 60 (Peoria).

  4. Psyd, check the forum for some suggestions on coffee shops to hit out in Peoria area.