Ok barista’s, here’s your chance to tell us about your milk froth designs. I’ve been perusing the froth art gallery over at CoffeeGeek. There are some cool ones! I wanted to ask where people do this around town because most of the places just cover up the coffee with plastic lids. Plastic lids are great for when you have to drive, or to keep the heat inside the cup, however I want to see my coffee and usually throw mine out.

Anyways, I’ve seen some good froth designs. If you ask for your latte or mocha in a mug I think your chances of seeing froth art improve. Just because the barista knows you’ll see the drink. I ordered a Caramel Machiato this morning at Starbucks and noticed the barista doing a little design with the caramel. Then promptly covering it up with a lid. Oh well.

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