This is a macchiato from Mill’s End Espresso, in Tempe. Did you know they’ve been there for about 15 years (I asked the owner)? The espresso was bitter. I did also enjoy an iced mocha which was tasty. It appears to be a popular wifi hangout among the ASU crowd.

Mill’s End Espresso
310 S. Mill Ave., Tempe.
(480) 829-0755.

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  1. Funny I lived in Az for 20 years and never saw the place, nevertheless when I go back for vacation I will search out some of your favorite spots.

  2. Lee

    I have seen better looking macchiatos 🙂

  3. Wine: When you come back for vacation post another comment so people can suggest places to go.

    Lee: Yeah, it wasn’t the best tasting macchiato, either. But hey, it was worth a shot.

  4. Mill’s End has not been there for 20 years… though I don’t doubt that the location has. It goes through owners fairly rapidly (ever few years) and the last few have kept the same name. It used to be Charlie’s (which is now on the ASU campus) for example.

  5. Carmen

    I’ve been to Mill’s End many times. Their crepes are usually better than their coffees; I I recommend the lemon and sugar crepe! But I’ve had good luck with the cappucino and doppios, and once with an Americano. I like it because they are open late, and it’s on the less busy end of Mill. For anyone into hooka (I’m not), it’s also a hooka bar.

  6. Joyce

    Their crepes ROCK–get a savory crepe for lunc or dinner. This place is perfect for those long hours of studying.