coffeeHas anybody been out to Buckeye lately? You haven’t? Me either. But I understand that there is a coffee shop there called Millstone Café, and guess what. The owner is also Eloy’s City Manager (full story).

Millstone Café
801 E. Monroe Avenue
Buckeye, Arizona 85326
Phone: (623) 327-3990
Fax: (623) 327-3992

The Millstone Café is a start-up coffee house and restaurant located in the historic downtown of Buckeye, Arizona. The Millstone Café is designed with a sense of warmth and an ambiance where you can meet a friend, conduct an informal business meeting, read the newspaper, study, or simply just hang out. The Millstone Café will offer a wide array of hot and iced espresso-based drinks (cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, etc.), specialty coffees and teas, and fresh fruit smoothies. Our food menu will consist of gourmet sandwiches, hearty soups, garden-fresh salads, decadent desserts, and everything else that creates a great coffee house experience.

The Millstone Café offers the town of Buckeye a nice, relaxed place to enjoy a great espresso drink and decadent dessert or a light, healthy meal. Customers will feel comfortable coming to the Millstone Café because it provides a cozy atmosphere that many franchise coffee shops and fast food restaurants lack.

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  1. That’s an interesting story, the guy definitely has his work cut out for him but his resume definitely shows that he can turn a city around. I wish he would come to San Manuel next.