In July I sampled 4 coffees from MistoBox and yet I haven’t written about them – soon! Meanwhile, check out this video they have published that explains how it all works (a Tucson company that just moved to Phoenix).

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Jim

    Seems like a cool concept, think Tonx is doing something like this. If they are Arizona based now, why have they not sampled any AZ roasters? This fanatism of out of state roasters in my opinion is a fad. We have enough great Coffee roasters in the state that can challenge any of these other guys claiming to have the best coffee. True some roasters in our state may not have the capital to purchase a whole coffee container or do Direct trade, but they sure can cup and roast the best quality in the market available.

  2. Jim

    My apologies for the last post, they do have Cortez Coffee Company on their roster.

  3. Jim, thank you for your passion in support to the local roaster. Thanks to this comment I know now that we are going in the right direction. We had the honor of being one of the first coffees offered by mistobox when they first launched. The funny thing is that all the orders we have gotten from the sampling we did, were from out of state. I guess nobody is a prophet in there own town. Thank you.

  4. My guess is they’re trying to appeal to a wide audience, and not just AZ. It probably makes business sense.

  5. steve

    I think they need to have roasters nationwide..or the business model fails. Local does not always work….both quality and economically.

  6. Mistobox was one of those experiments were it made a lot of sense to participate and find out what the consumer really think of the local coffee roaster.
    We at Cortez have focus on coffee that is no more than one week from roasting so the nationwide model has not worked for a true specialty coffee retailer such as ourselves unless we compromise freshness. We embraced any time the opportunity of our coffees to be tasted side by side with other coffee manufacturers nationwide and see who has a better selling product. It is hard to imagine anybody doing a blind side by side but this is the only way that somebody can tell a difference on the coffees being sold. I think we all win with this brand new coffee site that introduced all of us to new things in a convenient way.