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Café St. Michael
205 W. Gurley
Prescott, Arizona

It’s pretty difficult to mess up a frou-frou drink such as a Frappie or a Caramel Macchiato, and the sugary beverages tend to mask the taste of the true coffee goodness, so when I test a new shop, I usually stick with a classic, such as an Americano. My quest has produced a few raves, and yes, a few rants too, and through it all, I’ve quickly developed a taste for the perfect Americano.

The Hotel St. Michael, on the corner of Gurley and Montezuma, is also home to Café St. Michael. They serve great coffee there in the café, but if you want coffee to go, as I did on the day I visited, you go next door to their to-go coffee bar. The Americano I ordered was expertly prepared by the lone barista from the Lone Star state, who definitely knew his stuff. (I also award him double shots for the extra-mile service he provided for a customer with a cold who requested a non-menu item, hot lemonade.)

I will most definitely be returning to this coffee haven every time I am in Prescott.
Best coffee I’ve had, this side of Paris!
Review Result: Rave

Carmen is an “almost native” to the Grand Canyon State. She has been a coffee fan since childhood (tasting sips of her parents’ coffee), and is now a full-blown addict.

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  1. Karen

    Hey, thanks a lot! I used to manage that shop, trained that specific barista, and now opened my own shop in downtown Prescott named Cuppers! So come give my shop a shot too. 🙂 We’re at 226 S. Cortez. Have a glorious day!

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  3. AZ Todd

    If I am not mistaken, The St. Michael uses Matador Coffee Roasting (out of Scottsdale), don’t they?

  4. brian gronick

    Dear carman Its been many years since I have heard that name. I have rememberd lots of good times with you and kent. I hope you are able to e-mail me back. Old friend Brian Gronick