The Twist appears to be a direct competitor to the Handpresso (which I have tried, but not gotten around to posting my video with the horrible results).

From the description it sounds like it uses a co2 gas cartridge and either ESE pods or fresh ground coffee. I like that, as the Handpresso didn’t work with coffee grounds (I tried).


Arizona Coffee

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  1. Hi Chris! This product looks intriguing. I saw an advertisement for the Handpresso and was initially interested in it. That is until I saw that it only utilized ese pods. It’s cheaper to buy espresso from a caffe that makes quality espresso! How long does that coffee sit in those pods anyway? Like most commercial grinding, it is done right after roasting, cooled, and then packaged. They are just podding up stale coffee and charging premium prices for it…no thanks! This Mypressi looks like it may be worth a shot.

  2. Had a chat with the guy that designs (makes, sells?) them over on HB, and he’s making all the right noises. Knows about temperature and thermal mass momentum, fresh ground coffee as opposed to pods, proper pressure, CO2 vs Nitrous (BTW, you can use both the CO2 cartridges and the Whippits to power the thing), etc.
    I’ve offered to be a tester/reviewer, and here’s hoping I get the opportunity!

  3. Laral

    Looks like an interesting novelty. Good for travel maybe. But $129? And those CO2 cartridges are expensive. I hope the CO2 has no way of finding its way into the coffee.