I thought of this idea while I was having a mocha this morning. So here’s how it works: I’ll describe one aspect of a coffee shop, and you have to figure out where you are.

1. This coffee shop has a pool table

2. I have a round coffee bar which is covered with bright blue tiles.

3. My menu board is also a translucent photo

4. We bake all of our pastries and sweets in house

5. We have a drive through with a chalk board that shows the temperature.

6. Our coffee bar / wine bar also serves up regular music events.

7. Name two coffee shops that have an all burgundy interior.

8. This coffee house is next to a very nice French restaurant, and inside a restored home.

9. This coffee shop has wood floors, and you can get an sweet delight next door. They have been named #1 by a the New Times.

10. This place makes a wicked latte, does latte art, and holds weekly Tango lessons held at the shop.

11. This coffee house has white leather furniture, and does latte art while being uber-trendy at the same time.

12. This coffee shop has a fireplace, and has been known to serve up Pepperoncini’s with their food items.

So, who can name the most places?

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I guess you have to be in AZ to answer these? Maybe I will have to make a trip..

  2. Steve Kessler

    I know a few of them I think…
    1) The Coffee Vein
    2) Jamaican Blue Coffee House?
    3) Royal Coffee Bar?
    4) Lux and/or Copper Star
    5) Weather and Coffee
    6) Blue Sky Coffee and Wine?
    10) Inza
    11) Lux
    12) Cabin Coffee

    Hopefully I didn’t flunk the test.

  3. Nice job, Steve. #2 and #6 are wrong, the rest are right. I’ll let someone else guess at those before posting the answer.

  4. Here are the answers:

    1. The Coffee Vein (Tucson)
    2. The Village Coffee Roastery (Scottsdale)
    3. Royal Coffee Bar (Phoenix)
    4. copper Star Coffee and LUX (Phoenix)
    5. Weather and Coffee (Phoenix)
    6. Cave Creek Coffee Company (Cave Creek)
    7. JavaCo (Scottsdale) and Zephyr Esspresso (Gilbert)
    8. Cuppers Coffee (Prescott)
    9. Hava Java (Phoenix)
    10. Inza Coffee (Scottsdale)
    11. Lux (Phoenix)
    12. Cabin Coffee and Espresso (Phoenix-Glendale)