It seems like 6 months ago that a friend told me about Copper Star Coffee. She said “it’s opening soon in an old converted gas station.” Well apparently it opened on Thursday. All I know about it is that it’s independently owned and the delay was due to paperwork of some kind.

Where it’s at: Seventh Avenue and Indian School Road.

If you go, let me know how you like it. I’ll be over in that direction one day this week so I’ll be sure to stop in.

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  1. Bill and Ginger Sandweg

    We enjoy this website and are frequent visitors! We hope to see you soon and look forward to your comments.

    Bill and Ginger Sandweg
    Owners of Copper Star Coffee

  2. Bill and Ginger,
    Thanks for stopping by! Can’t wait to stop in.

  3. I’ve been there twice now. I haven’t met Ginger but Bill is a super friendly guy! I absolutely dig what they’ve done to the old gas station. Open, airy, sleek, modern and yet they have managed to retain a “comfy-stay awhile” atmosphere.

    They bake all their scones and muffins on the premises and next time I visit I’m going to treat myself to one of those blueberry muffins!

  4. Oh wow! That’s cool. I love it when places bake their own muffins. So many places have stale food. I’ve been under the weather this week and I never made it over there.

  5. 8:04 pm // April 29, 2006
    Chris Tingom says:
    I’ve been under the weather this week and I never made it over there.

    I thought that you might’ve slipped off to Brasil early!

  6. dario

    Hello All,

    I stop by Copper Star today…. and it’s a great little coffee shop. I had the opportunity to meet Bill and have to agree he is a very friendly fellow. I must say that definitely adds warmth to the shop itself. Again, it is somewhat modern in design, however has still
    achieved a welcoming feeling with certain details…. Such as the purple couch
    and beautiful copper register, great touch by the way! I wish Bill and Ginger
    continued success with this unique coffee shop, or should I say “station” where you can definitely fuel up in the morning or anytime during the day! I’ll be sure to drop by again with my wife and have another coffee and lemon scone!


  7. Dario,

    That’s awesome! I am still planning to get over there sometime really soon. Thanks for reporting back.


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  9. Love Copper Star Coffee. Probably one of the best coffee shops in town. I enjoy supporting local businesses and Copper Star is really local. I think I even overhead Ginger say that they lived around the corner. I agree with the other posts that the copper register and bathroom provide a truly warm feeling. Great addition to the neighboorhood!

  10. Justine Adair

    Let’s just say I had a scone AND a cupcake in one sitting…YUM!