From the BBC:

Seven wild coffee species also feature on the list of new species, most of which were discovered in the mountains of northern Madagascar.

Two of the plants – Coffea ambongensis and Coffea boinensis – have the largest seeds of any coffee species, whose “beans” are more than twice the size of Arabica coffee (Coffea arabica), the main species used in commercial coffee production.

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  1. I’ll mention that I think this would be a perfect april fools joke. But it appears to be real.

  2. And curious. I’ve heard about the new species of coffees, but what I haven’t heard anything about is how they taste! MMMmmm….

  3. If biologists are just now discovering new types of primates in Madagascar, new coffee wouldn’t surprise me. I have heard rediculous estimates of how many undocumented varietals of coffee there are in Ethiopia and other African regions. In the 1000’s.

  4. A bit of a huge difference betwixt varieties of a species and whole different species.
    Varieties are what makes Kenyan Arabicas different from Ethiopians. Species is the difference between a Robusta and an Arabica. Granted, it could go far to the other side of Rubusta, but what if it went to the far side of Arabica? A bean that is as much better than Arabica as Arabica is better than Robusta?