I’m pleased to introduce the most recent sponsor of Arizona Coffee — American Paper Distribution. You can check out their web site at www.americanpaperdistribution.com.


American Paper Distribution is a distributor of disposable paper and plastic food service packaging, paper products, and janitorial supplies to food service operators, supermarkets, coffee houses, packer processors, and hotels throughout Arizona.

Thank you for your support of Arizona Coffee!

American Paper Distribution
Finest Kind, Inc.
3051 S. Wilson St.
Tempe, AZ 85282
Toll Free: 1 (888) 967-7310
Local: (480) 967-7310

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Scott

    I come to this website to read unbiased reviews on coffee shops and products conducive to Arizona but lately, I see more and more sponsorships from the likes American Paper and Cortez Coffee. It’s become obvious to me that arizonacoffee.com no longer wishes to give fair and honest opinions on coffee shops that don’t carry the sponsor’s products.

  2. “It’s become obvious to me… ”
    He’p a brudda out, den, ‘caws I don’ see no indication of the aforementioned bias or mistrepresentation.
    OTOH, if you were willing to pay the bills, Chris wouldn’t have to whore the site out to sponsors…

  3. Arizona Coffee doesn’t even do reviews. It just features coffee shops and those are just some of the shops in AZ. The reviews are done by readers when commenting on the posts about coffee. Also readers will do reviews in the forum. Did you notice that there are a handfull of roasters that are sponsors. Lost Dutchman, 9 Bar. You should actually do some research prior to commenting on these things.

  4. Pierce/Bear

    To run with Austin’s ball further; looking at the economy as of late———-I do NOT blame Chris for running a few ads here. 🙂

  5. Guys, a blog will not please 100% of the readers. there are Arizona based coffee professionals that may be able to teach a thing or two and I will encourage them to help out by participating in this blog or by finantial means. There are some people that still think that the best coffee is produced in Seattle. I actually have received positive comments from some Az-coffee readers and plan to continue reading, participating and sponsoring. Great job Chris.