Do I get a prize? On Friday I visited four coffee shops.

First I stopped at Brewed Awakenings Coffee (40th St and Bell). I hadn’t ever been there before and just happened to drive past.

Immediately afterwards I drove over to Weather & Coffee (51 Freeway & Bell) because I needed some WiFi to check my email. I had a very good cappuccino up there and must say they’ve done a lot to make the atmosphere pleasing. I like the weather decorations — everything from the ceiling to the floors is painted with clouds or lightning or something like that. This store does a brisk drive-thru business.

After that I had my meeting at Kierland Resort (I didn’t stop in to the coffee shop they have there but it looks nice if you’re staying there).

Then at 6 pm I went to Inza Coffee (Northwest corner of the shopping center at 101 Freeway & Shea Blvd) and had a wonderful latte with Irish Cream flavoring. I’ve had two such lattes at Inza Coffee and each one is better than the last. They do some cool coffee art with the crema there. I had a nice conversation with Linda while I was there (more on that later).

Then after dinner I joined a friend for a late stint to Starbucks (another latte) finished off by french fry’s at In N Out Burger at midnight. Can you top a day like that?

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I think you could’ve made it better by skipping the trip to Starbucks, personally.

    Maybe you got lucky and had someone who really cares about coffee.. a rare thing at *$.

  2. It was the bright green circular logo that drew me in. It drew me in like a fish on a hook. LOL.

  3. I have to agree with Jason…After our Irish Cream Latte you damage your palate with Starbucks???!!!!…Just Kidding…I guess sometimes is necesary to remember a real good cup of coffee.

    Chris it was a real pleasure having you over at our coffee shop and talking to you, is always great to spend time with great minds. Thank you so much for the interview and for your support.

    Look forward to seeing you here again soon…