Our new focus is quality, inclusiveness and education. We are not dealing with completely ignorant consumers anymore. These new customers are not the ones you want to alienate. They are your mouthpieces. These are the explorers of the urban landscape, armed with iphones ready to twitter and yelp. Don’t send them away pissed.

Tom Maegdlin has a great new blog about coffee in AZ. You should check out his recent post (excerpted above). He makes some great points.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Love his POV, even if I don’t always agree with every detail. I likes my blends, he’s an SO guy. Whatever. We both dig espresso.
    I don’t like that the comments section wants to be a part of your life before it’ll let you post your comments.
    I’d love to have a discussion of his Baristi Ten Commandments here, though…

  2. Jaime Aguila

    Dude takes himself way too seriously and obviously likes to hear himself talk, or read his own text.

  3. It’s a blog, that’s kinda what they’re about. And it’s a blog for folks that are serious about coffee. Some of us are. Remember, if it doesn’t appeal to you, that doesn’t mean that it’s wrong, it just means that it wasn’t meant for you.
    I rather like the fact that he’s pretty serious about coffee. There are far too few places where I can go that will make an espresso better than I can at my house, so the more that take it seriously as Tom does, the better.
    What have you done for your coffee community lately?

  4. One of the reasons I started a blog was not to rub the novice the wrong way. I do take coffee serious. It’s my job to.

  5. Gonz

    yo tom,

    what’d 50 tell ya…

  6. Brian Clemens

    Tom – I’m liking the blog. I love reading what other people are doing, experiencing, and hearing their point of view on things. Each time you post I can relate to much of what you are saying….although I don’t always agree with every point. Thanks for sharing! Keep it up man!

    One barista to another.

  7. Hello Tom. It is refreshing to hear somebody talking about raising the bar for the coffee industry in Arizona. I look forward to hear more about your contibutions to this new era of coffee in our hometown. Please know that it is going to be difficult due to the nature of our State and see it as a great opportunity. There are also many of us trying to improve the quality of our products, the quality of our lives, our customers and our employees, I am sure that we will love to help you. Keep going