Arizona Coffee

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  1. Jc

    Anybody know what roaster they use?

  2. Jc

    Yum! I love there coffee and bella vita espresso…

  3. Congrats, Next, on not getting run over by the chain train.

    Good roaster, good equipment. I’ll stop by when I’m in Glendale.

  4. RJD

    I visited Next yesterday after viewing the video. My drink was pretty good, shots looked good coming out of their machine. What surprised me was the amount of $$ that went into the buildout of this store. They did not skimp on the quality of materials. Very nice seating, large study tables, two espresso machines. Overall, a really nice and HUGE coffee house. I also think they are strategically placed in a great location. They are located in an upscale plaza that is directly across from a small University. Plus, Coffee Bean and Starbuck’s will not open a store any closer since they are both equally flanked on either side of Next. I used to frequent the Starbuck’s way back when and it was quite busy and usually very loud and cramped inside. These same customers will find Next a refreshing alternative.

    I would only caution those who do not like very sweet drinks to ask them to go easy on the flavoring, etc.

    If I lived in this neighborhood, I think this might be a daily stop for me to work and/or relax.